Videohub in conjuction with GPI interface ?

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Cristian Secară

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Videohub in conjuction with GPI interface ?

PostTue Jul 21, 2015 9:33 pm

In a scenario that includes one BM Videohub used for camera technical setup & color matching and several broadcast remote control camera units, I need to implement joystick override for that video router. This means temporary contact closure on a GPI input => router temporary switches video path to the one programmed for that GPI; when contact releases => router should return video path to its previous status that was set via physical panel or software panel.

I know that the GPI interface can be used with ATEM switchers for driving external tally and I also read/know that the GPI interface has inputs as well (optical isolated, requiring external power etc., but this detail is unimportant for my question).

Question: can I use (configure) in some way the GPI interface so that it acts as joystick override for the Videohub ? (say, 40x40 model) One camera remote control panel = one contact closure when pressing the iris joystick.

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Duncan Stewart

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Re: Videohub in conjuction with GPI interface ?

PostWed Jul 22, 2015 4:35 pm

The BM GPI interface will allow 8 GPI's to make 8 different crosspoints on the Videohub in the most simple of ways. Unfortunately the logic is flawed if multiple GPIs are triggered in succession and the original routing data is lost. The bug is described here
However if it's slow paced GPI/relase/GPI/release you'd be fine.
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Jonas Bengtson

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Re: Videohub in conjuction with GPI interface ?

PostThu Jul 23, 2015 5:22 pm

As Duncan says, the interface is sort of Very basic.

You'll be better off using an Arduino with the Skaarhoj Videohub Library (, writing your own custom small commands on the GPIO of the Arduino. This also gives you freedom to choose the amount of GPIO you need.

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