Intensity Shuttle Audio Issues since updating software

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Intensity Shuttle Audio Issues since updating software

PostTue Jan 15, 2013 4:23 pm

Hi everyone,
I have a bizarre issue right now that I could really use some help with as it's stopping me being able to use my capture device at all. I have a setup where I have dual monitors. One monitor acts as a second screen for my PC and also, when i change the output on my HDMI switch box it shows my Xbox screen. All the audio passes into this second monitor and out to headphones that use an optical cable. What has started happening is that I turn XSplit on, then turn on my xbox. I get sound coming through Xsplit's preview of my xbox screen no bother. But when I change my screen over to xbox I no longer get any sound at all. After using the HDMI switch to do this, if I turn back to my PC I no longer get sound coming from the preview on Xsplit.

I have had this setup for a while and it was working fine. The HDMI switch wasn't interfering with the audio (as it shouldnt). However I have changed a few things since the last time I used my xbox. The first thing I did was decide to go back and update my blackmagic software (Media Express) which I use instead of Xsplit when I want to record rather than stream. I was hoping i'd be able to update everything to see if the shuttle was yet able to do 1080p recording at a framerate that was compatible with Xbox output.

I also had a spat with my PC over the weekend as I was trying to watch a bluray and it was insistent on trying to pipe the audio through any device other than the one I can hear (my monitor) so i disabled every audio device (blackmagic audio included) so that I could watch my film.

I am unsure what it is that has caused my audio to be blocked or whatever so that it isnt getting piped to my tv the moment my PC loses connectivity to the monitor that its own audio is sent to (but i don't see why my pc losing its primary audio device would affect what is simply passing through my shuttle) I don't know whether me temporarily disabling blackmagic audio devices has done something but that seems likely, but I don't know how to fix it so any help would be appreciated.



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