Avid, AAF, MXF relinking problem issues

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Elvis Suarez

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Avid, AAF, MXF relinking problem issues

PostThu Jun 23, 2016 10:18 pm

Hello all, first post here and it comes from desperation. I apologize if this has been previously posted, but I have searched for 2 days now to no avail.

I am grading a project that is being sent to me in AAF by the editor. We both have clone drives of the project with all the same footage. This is our second go around but first time I get this relinking issue. Only difference is the camera changed, and possibly the file structure, but that's it.

When I import the AAF, none of the media is found. So I point Resolve toward the correct drive and it finds only one of the clips. To be clear, at import I have "Automatically set project settings" and "Automatically import source clips into media pool" checked off. I have also tried "Link to source camera files". In Project settings under Conform Options, I have tried "Assist using reel names" and every option under that.

What I have noticed is that the AAF points to specific MXF files, which sounds perfectly fine. However, if I try to find those MXF's in Resolve's browser to add them manually into the media pool, I only get as far as the folder that holds the MXF's inside it. The problem here is that the folder (which shows up as the actual clip in Resolve), is missing 2 characters (usually a sequence of 01, 02, etc). So in other words, Resolve sees "B50057" while the AAF is pointing at "B5005701", the latter found inside the former. I hope this makes sense.

In the timeline, the clips reference the longer filename, the actual MXF. The only work around I was able to figure out is to import all the folders from the drive (the shorter filenames) into the media pool. Then in the timeline, Force Conform each clip to the corresponding clip in the media pool. In essence, I am replacing the clip in the timeline that has the full MXF filename, with the clip in the media pool that has the shorter filename and refers to the folder.

Now remember that one clip I mentioned that Resolve does find? This comes from a different camera. There were 5 in total on this job, 4 C300's and 1 FS5. The file structure differs from the C300 to the FS5 with the FS5 a being bit simpler. Resolve has no issue relinking to these. They do not involve a parent folder that holds the MXF's inside.

To recap a bit, lol, Resolve recognizes folder named "B50057" as the actual clip, while the AAF is pointing at MXF's inside that folder that include "B5005701" and "B5005702". Unless I force conform each clip, I cannot get Resolve to link with the individual MXF's. Obviously, using the force conform option will be time consuming and simply doesn't seem like the right way of doing things. I have to imagine there's a step either I or the editor is missing.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone!

Glenn Sakatch

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Re: Avid, AAF, MXF relinking problem issues

PostSat Jun 25, 2016 6:58 pm

where was your mxf media created?
if you manually load your mxf into a bin (which is how i always do it) and then reconform timeline to that bin what happens?

with the media in the bin, what do you see under reel name or tape name?

Tim Savage

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Re: Avid, AAF, MXF relinking problem issues

PostSun Jun 26, 2016 7:53 pm

I think we have been through this problem ourselves.

If the original camera files are pro res then avid creates a peculiar hybrid file on import, it looks like an MXF File but there are slight differences and these seem to confuse Resolve. The likelihood is that the one file you can see was not recorded in pro res.

Try asking your Editor to transcode the sequence to Dnx 185 or whatever you are using, into a new workspace and creating a new sequence in the process, then do a consolidate - again creating a new sequence and ask avid to skip files already in the new workspace, this should give you a complete set of files Resolve can read.

You then need a new AAF of the transcoded/consolidated sequence.

This should import OK and give the result you are after.

Good Luck

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