Export Graded Dailies with Discreet 2 Channel Audio

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David Kudell

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Export Graded Dailies with Discreet 2 Channel Audio

PostSat Jun 25, 2016 9:19 pm


I have camera dailies with 2 channels of audio (LAV on left, Onboard Mic on right). I graded the dailies and now I'm trying to export the files preserving these discreet channels, but when I export I am getting both channels of audio combined. I'm exporting using the "Individual Clips" option.

I've tried every combination of audio export setting and it doesn't change it.
Channels - Same as source
Tracks - One per channel

I've also tried changing my audio track types (stereo, mono, adaptive, etc) and that doesn't seem to matter. Isn't there any way to grade dailies without marrying the audio channels together?

Peter Chamberlain

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Re: Export Graded Dailies with Discreet 2 Channel Audio

PostSun Jun 26, 2016 12:29 am

*Edit - I have re-read your post and as you are rendering individual clips the audio mixer is not likely the issue. is the source stereo audio or multichannel with just two audio tracks used?
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