Ultrastudio 4k and HDMI sync

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Chris Detjen

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Ultrastudio 4k and HDMI sync

PostFri Jan 22, 2016 4:52 pm

We are using the Blackmagic Ultrastudio 4k in our edit suite. We are encountering latency. It looks like video lags behind audio.

We have an iMac using Premiere Pro. We send our video and audio via thunderbolot to the Ultrastudio 4k. From the ultrastudio 4k, we send video to a FSI reference monitor via HD SDI and send video to the room’s big-screen TV via HDMI. Audio runs from the Ultrastudio via the analogue outs to a mixer that feeds the room speakers.

Is there a better way to route things that establishes audio and video sync?

Perhaps using the loop-through audio from the FSI monitor? The Flanders Scientific BM210 is sent video with audio on the SDI Out of the Ultrastudio. That FSI monitor has an audio out port (stereo mini). Maybe we loop out of the FSI monitor and feed that to the room speakers?


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Re: Ultrastudio 4k and HDMI sync

PostThu Aug 25, 2016 7:21 pm

BUMP- This needs to be addressed from BMD please as this is a big concern for many users judging by the quantities of views and lack of answers.

If all of the different video outputs are not synchronized that is a problem. If the different monitors have their own latency issues, I get that it is not BMD's problem, but it has to be addressed by BMD because all monitors have different latency issues.

I am building a room with a color correction reference monitor, a monitor for editing interface, and a large monitor for client viewing. The first two monitors are going to be fed directly out of the Mac Pro and the third out of the BMD UltraStudio 4k and I am afraid my sync issues are going to be all over the place when working with BMD software.

To the poster, are your SDI and HDMI monitors in sync to each other?
What is your editing application? Premiere CC has adjustments, but not sure about other apps...
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Re: Ultrastudio 4k and HDMI sync

PostThu Oct 11, 2018 4:17 pm


I'm having the exact same problem. Ultrastudio 4K output from SDI syncs perfect. Output to HDMI has about a four frame video lag. Any way to fix this? I'd think something simple would solve the problem - something like an option to delay my audio by four frames to match my video.

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