Davinci Resolve 12.5 Freezing & Crashing on Save

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Davinci Resolve 12.5 Freezing & Crashing on Save

PostTue Aug 22, 2017 7:19 am


I have a 16:24 length, 1080p video of an event that I've been trying to load through Davinci Resolve 12.5 for the past week now. Basically, I just have to stabilize the video so that I can upload it to Youtube.

First, I tried on my Win10 gtx860m laptop which failed to even begin stabilizing. This however is not my problem.

Next, I tried on my desktop. I run Windows 7 with a gtx970 (I can get you the processor tomorrow morning but it is an i7), and have around 100gb of space free on the computer to shove around videos in. Resolve is running completely new and untouched/unadgusted aside from any modifications I list in the post.

Before I say anything, upon loading up the video, Resolve says that the framerate is not consistent with what is in settings and asks me if I want to change what's in settings to which I say yes.

I start stabilizing, and Resolve runs pretty slowly (maybe processing 1/3 of a second of video every second) but nevertheless it seemed to be running, so I didn't really care so long as it eventually turned over fine (due to the gpu not being amazing for this type of thing). Resolve gets done and I decide to just save things so that I don't have to deal with some weird loss of progress sort of deal. I get to 53% saving the video (pretty instantly) when the program stops and freezes. My cursor - as well as computer in general - gets slower and slower and after waiting 30 minutes with absolutely no more progress I slowly get my computer to go to the task manager so that I can force end the process.

I decide to check things over; I update my graphics card's drivers (they hadn't been updated since April of last year so I was a bit relieved as I hoped that this was the extent of the problem), I change the program in preferences to start up (it says Pre-something) on 3500mb of memory instead of the automatic 4000mb which I was thinking maybe could help in some way just because of the infamous problem with gtx970 partitions, and I decide to test a smaller video I have laying around of the same event.

I try the smaller video (1:06) and it runs stabilizing no problem whatsoever without even the gradual pace I'd seen before. Feeling like I'd solved things, I headed over to the original video and I try the same thing. I start stabilizing and unfortunately it is as gradual as before, running about 1/3 of a second in video for every second watching. I was disappointed, but figured whatever maybe the solution in the future would be to just cut it up but that'll be something I just try sometime in the future. I get done stabilizing, and I try to save. This time the save gets to 62% and then does the same freezing, except this time it locks all of my computer even quicker than before I actually end up having to force shut down the computer because it simply was unresponsive after 10 minutes.

So uh I guess my problem is that it freezes and crashes and I have absolutely no idea why. I checked the temperature of my gpu and it says it was about 27C after the first crash which leads me to think it's not a heating problem. I am running Windows 7... but as far as I was aware Resolve supports Windows 7 so I have no more reason for blaming that then I'd have for blaming anything else. I read another post about some guy having a virus that prevented him from rendering on his Resolve on any version he tried, but I'm running Bitdefender and have for a while and though I have no reason to think that my computer's been infected, I guess I'd be up for running another system scan though it seems super unlikely. Lastly, I'd guess and say that my video card it's good enough, but it's technically 4gb and it's not like I'm rendering at 4K, this is just 1080p video (I'd read somewhere that I should be able to comfortably handle 1080p video with 4gb).

No idea what the problem is, I'll look at how to get the logs tomorrow but I'm new to Resolve and I'm also sick so this is pretty inconvenient all of this happening at once. Thanks for any help.

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