cant add images to atem software control media

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Mikhail Tenyakov

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cant add images to atem software control media

PostSun Jan 07, 2018 4:48 pm

hi, all of a sudden i cant add images or video to atem software control. when i go to media and either drag or pick from file the image wont add. if its a big file it will show that its loading but than will just blink really fast and nothing. if i look real careful i can see that a "no device connected" black screen blinks. but its so fast can barely see.

Atem why dont you make better error notifications? But yehh anyways this started happening out of nowhere after i did an update on the software. i tried uninstalling and reinstalling. ive tried another computer. ive tried different file types and formats. no result

Andrew Martin

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Re: cant add images to atem software control media

PostMon Jan 08, 2018 1:48 pm

Sounds like ur Atem has dropped off ur network. Can you still switch with the software? Does the pc see the Atem's IP address? You mentioned installing an update, just wondering if the update has defaulted the Atem's IP back to the default address?

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Re: cant add images to atem software control media

PostMon Jan 08, 2018 5:17 pm

Data troughput problems with your network.
Switching will keep alive but uploading images drops out a lot and so disconnects are going on.
Also streaming video trough the same network port your controlling your Atem with can lead to issues.
The same applies to network switch. Atem uses a very high datarate UDP communication stream with some build in timers.. So if 1 or more packets don't reach the Atem or PC it will disconnect. ;)

What did you add to your network? Do you use a different network switch?

Possible tests:
  • Disconnect everything from the network switch except the Computer and Atem
  • Exchange Network cables for different one's
  • Try a different computer (Can be something in the computer, software, firewall, etc)
  • Try a different network switch. Use a gigabit switch if possible.
  • Download This test image this should load within 2 seconds.
  • Report back if it solved your issue

EDIT: Added some more info about Atem communication.
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Ian Morrish

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Re: cant add images to atem software control media

PostMon Jan 08, 2018 7:20 pm

Also try excluding the ATEM Software Control.exe process from anti-virus real-time monitoring software.
Still more likely to be a networking issue. I have found adding one of those new high speed access points to a cheap switch caused problems, even though the control software PC was not on WiFi. Upgrading the switched fixed all sorts of problems.
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