Before you post, please review

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Before you post, please review

PostMon Apr 09, 2018 6:12 pm

Hi all

Please remember this is a user-forum, and that the other users here assist you - both in resolving issues and creating conversation around feedback. Please state your opinions unambiguously, unemotionally and with the full context. Please remember that the other users are often professionals, using their time to contribute to this community. Maintaining mutual professional respect when discussing disagreement on opinions is important in keeping the focus on constructive conversations - be they bug reports, requests for help or feedback to the DaVinci Resolve community.
Thank you for your continued support.

In order to assist you with your queries everyone will need the same detailed description of your issue that any support team would.

For example, which specific version of Resolve. v15 is not enough detail. You need to provide the exact version string, such as 15.0.06. This can be found from the DaVinci Resolve menu in the ‘About DaVinci Resolve’ window.

You should also report the exact OS version, hardware platform, number of and type of GPUs being used, storage type and other setup specific details. Many users add this information to their forum signature. This can be done in the Forum’s ‘User Control Panel’.

When reporting your issue, be as detailed as you can with steps to reproduce the problem. Post online a screen shot or phone video of the issue if that helps explain.

If you don’t have permission to post images yet, you can also place these in shared download storage locations, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive etc. and provide a link so that other users can see your description and the video.

If you encounter consistent crashing, it’s likely we will need all of the above information and also a special DaVinci Resolve log file you can create and post online.

The “CaptureLogs” application is installed in all DaVinci Resolve systems (except Apple App store versions). If you have a repeatable crash please follow these instructions.
1) Restart DaVinci Resolve
2) Select the help menu and then select ‘Create diagnostics log on desktop’
3) Post the log or a link to it on a new thread with a description of the steps to reproduce the crash.

Note: If you are unable to restart Resolve successfully, logs can be manually captured to the desktop by referring to this thread.

Often, your project export could be useful too as you might have a specific workflow setting that exposes an issue. You can export and share a simplified version of your project. You can follow the instructions below in order to export your project.
1) Restart DaVinci Resolve
2) Use the Resolve File menu, then select ‘Export Project'

thank you
DaVinci Resolve Product Manager
DaVinci Resolve Product Manager

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