Cinema DNG & Hard Disk Performance

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Cinema DNG & Hard Disk Performance

PostSun Apr 15, 2018 6:38 pm

Hi there,

I edit cinema DNG in Resolve (4:1 compression). I have a 4 x 3TB HDD RAID (MB controlled). Compared to SSDs the response time and transfer times of CDNG files is much slower. With big files i get nearly the same performance with the RAID as with the SSD.

How do you edit cDNG natively? Bigger RAID arrays with RAID cards? SSDs? SSD cache?

Thanks for the input.

Windows 10 / i4930k @4.3Ghz / 32GB RAM / GTX 1080 / 12TB RAID 0 (4 x 3 TB) / Mini Monitor 4K / Eizo CG247x / Mainly working with CDNG 4:1

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