Developers for BM in/out devices

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Developers for BM in/out devices

PostFri Nov 24, 2017 6:20 pm

Wondering where a good place is to find developers with experience with BM devices. We have clients using Decklink products as well as Ultrastudio SDI that we have had issues getting up and running. Would like to find some help to finish them out and would like to know where to look.

Usage is production in pro/college sports facilities in live situations.

Also would be interested if anyone knows of any plug ins or mods for Unreal or Unity to get them working with a BM box or card for output to SDI.

Thank you.

Valerio Carnevale

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Re: Developers for BM in/out devices

PostSat Dec 09, 2017 10:44 am

Hi Jeffrey,
I can only suggest a plug in for Unity that I'm testing in this days and permit us to input/output SDI video signals with BM device. You can test all features with the trial version that put only a watermark.

AVPro Decklink
You can find it simply on the asset store.


Lorenzo Pachio

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Re: Developers for BM in/out devices

PostThu Jul 12, 2018 10:37 am

Ciao Valerio,

I was testing the AVPro plugin demos too but I am having some problem getting the key signal out of a Decklink SDI 4K card. Did you manage to get it to work?


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