Decklink vs Mini Converter/SDI to HDMI converter?

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Decklink vs Mini Converter/SDI to HDMI converter?

PostSun Dec 30, 2018 6:28 am

Hello everyone! I've just purchased my first ever color monitor- a BenQ SW271 monitor for grading with my MacBook Pro 2017 (gotta love budgets).

I need some help and guidance on figuring out what exactly I need for full-screen playback. I was unaware that to achieve this on a reference monitor I would need either a Decklink or, correct me if I'm wrong, a Mini Converter. Well in my case I suppose an SDI to HDMI converter because the monitor lacks an SDI port.

I'm actually quite confused by all of the things that I could or should be using and I don't want to waste time buying the incorrect item for my needs. From what I gather a Decklink can only be used if you have a system that it can be slotted into and since I don't have that I am assuming I should get the converter? Or is it that I would still need a Mini Converter AND the SDI to HDMI converter?

Does anyone have a similar set up that could help me figure out what to purchase? Or am I incorrect and there's actually a different device I'll need? I won't be using any capturing and typically only grade 4K and HD footage with only one monitor.

Thanks ya'll!
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Re: Decklink vs Mini Converter/SDI to HDMI converter?

PostTue Jan 01, 2019 10:05 am

You would want to use a Mini Monitor. This will attach to your MacBook Pro via thunderbolt and output the video signal via HDMI and/or SDI. In your case, you'll be using the HDMI. Then you'll also download and install Desktop Video Setup from Blackmagic's support site. That will let you do some settings in your system preferences and let you choose the Mini Monitor in Premiere or DaVinci (for example) as the path for your video signal. ... /W-DLUS-03

Now the drawback is that the Mini Monitor is limited to 1080p HD. And I know that is a 4k monitor. I don't think there is a Blackmagic product under $1000 that will do 4k from thunderbolt to HDMI/SDI that isn't the Decklink Mini Monitor 4K PCIe card (which is what I use at home). but that doesn't help you on a laptop.


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Re: Decklink vs Mini Converter/SDI to HDMI converter?

PostTue Feb 19, 2019 4:27 pm

I am also using a "budget friendly" setup, with the UltraStudio Mini Monitor converting thunderbolt to HDMI. So I use an iMac with a 1080p reference monitor. As I shoot more 4k projects, I would like to be able to use a 4k reference monitor. Based upon what I am reading here and elsewhere, is the Decklink Mini Monitor 4k not an option with the iMac? I am in the process of buying a 4k monitor and need to understand the limitations of my system. Thank you in advance for any insight!

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