SDI Signal inverted - image Auto-rotation issue

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SDI Signal inverted - image Auto-rotation issue

PostThu Feb 14, 2019 3:49 pm

Just got my 3rd Smartview Duo. Have been using the other two for 6 and 4 years respectively. Never had this problem with the others. On this newly purchased one the SDI IN, on both sides, inverts my incoming SDI image feed but keeps the camera meta-data right side up. I tried physically inverting the monitor but the image flips upside down automatically, and the meta-data outside the raster stays correctly oriented. This is with the latest firmware 4.04 (just installed minutes ago, the previous firmware was doing the same, monitor is one week old, used daily on my lighting console cart on set. Is there anyway to disable the autoflip so that I can have an image not inverted? could it just be the signal coming from the DIT Tech? no one else's monitors on set, receiving the same feed that I am, seem to have any issues?

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Re: SDI Signal inverted - image Auto-rotation issue

PostThu Feb 14, 2019 7:16 pm

Are you able to provide some images of what you're seeing on the LCD? There haven't been reports of something of this nature coming up before and in regards to the content being fed to the device, this would be embedded in the output of the source which would also mean that if the screen was rotated, everything would move with it.

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Re: SDI Signal inverted - image Auto-rotation issue

PostThu Feb 14, 2019 9:52 pm

Are you 100% sure the camera feed is not inverted because of any Low shot inverted mounting or something? :) As you say there is no other monitor on set.

Image upside down while meta data up oke.. That is kind of strange...
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