Feature Request For Resolve 16 Please

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Feature Request For Resolve 16 Please

PostFri Jul 19, 2019 7:35 pm

Hey I was wondering if resolve 16 on the next release can have a feature like this where it shows how the font is styled. It took me over 20 Mins to look for a font I was using before but I forgot the name of the font but remember what I looked like please please add this feature into resolve.

Another feature I would love to see added to resolve is when I import footage inside of resolve it should create a folder where all my imported media goes so if I take out the sd card the media is still on the computer because I imported it with resolve and it wont say offline media because its not pulling the media from my sd card its pulling the media from the folder where all the media was into to. I believe another NLE does this feature and it had saved me a ton of time where I formatted my sd card but because I already started a project with the media I know it was safe on the computer.
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Re: Feature Request For Resolve 16 Please

PostFri Jul 19, 2019 11:05 pm

The font preview is asked for a lot. There is a separate thread for V17 requests.

As for the SD card thing, you MUST copy the footage from the card to your computer before removing the card or you will not have media to cut.

I would never cut direct from my camera cards, only a copy.

Having said that, the clone tool on the MEDIA page will do what you want inside Resolve.
Page 254 of the DR15.3 manual has it all.

I do it manually outside of Resolve using the file system app on my machine.
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Re: Feature Request For Resolve 16 Please

PostSat Jul 20, 2019 6:03 pm

Jack Swart wrote:you MUST copy the footage from the card to your computer

I would even argue that should be the second step you take, after copying the full card to a backup location as the very first action.

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