Please consider updating to the release version 16

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Peter Chamberlain

Blackmagic Design

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Please consider updating to the release version 16

PostTue Aug 20, 2019 2:35 am

Hi all, we noticed from the automatic reporter that many of you have turned on, thanks it really helps find the issues, that there are many uses still on one of the beta versions of v16.

Please consider upgrading to the release version that's on our support web site.
We have significantly less issues reported on the release version compared to the previous betas.

For those upgrading from v15, please back up your project databases before making any change. Then restore the DB in v15 to verify the backup and then only update that restored DB.

Thanks again to all those who have the 'Automatically send problem reports' in the Preferences, system, general set to on.
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Roel Videler

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Re: Please consider updating to the release version 16

PostWed Aug 21, 2019 9:16 am

Hi Peter, I noticed my beta would notify me of new betas but it didn't notify about the release version. I think that might be the culprit.
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Re: Please consider updating to the release version 16

PostWed Aug 21, 2019 5:02 pm

Hey Peter,

A "thank you" to you and your team for creating a spectacular NLE.

As I've mentioned many times here on the forum, I've always been impressed with the aggressive updates BM makes across it's line of products, and while there's no such thing as the perfect solution for anything, at least you guys definitively support us, the users.

Bravo, Ciao
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Paul Carlin

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Re: Please consider updating to the release version 16

PostFri Aug 30, 2019 6:12 pm

A big thank you to the developers for all of their hard work. When I read the "what's new" I'm always happy to see that the developers are addressing issues that affect our everyday lives. For example, "Support for automatically selecting the newly added take in the take selector" may seem small and trivial, and may only affect a small number of users... but when you have to update thousands of VFX comps into a feature film using Take Selector... this one tweak means a lot to us. And allows us to have more time to complain about other things ;) .

Other updates that mean a lot to me are:

Support for additional flag and marker colors
Support for always using clip based timecode even when the project is set to frame count !!
Support for track name and track number in burn-in and render tags
Improved easing behavior when applying smoothness to position keyframes
Support for viewing flags applied on the current clip on the video monitoring output

For those of you who work in fastidious client supervised environments, I would encourage you to look into that last one.


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Re: Please consider updating to the release version 16

PostThu Sep 12, 2019 2:16 pm

I made a video about the issues I found on Davinci Resolve 16 (stable)

Anyone else noticed these issues?

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