MFT mount, adapters and metabones stuff

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MFT mount, adapters and metabones stuff

PostMon Jun 17, 2013 10:51 am

Maybe it's a very stupid question but I can't make it on my own no matter how many times I think about it... If the BMCC MFT has a passive mount, it means you loose the electronic functions of your lens, OK, but, I know there are adapters that allows you to, at least, recover the iris control of your EF lenses (for example), but, once you have this adapter on your lenses, it would be possible to add another adapter, such as the future metabones speedbooster?
And, if you don't use the first adapter, what happens if you use a lens without iris ring built-in and put it with a speedbooster in your MFT passive mount? You can only use the maximum aperture?


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