Working in portrait/ landscape -mode

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Working in portrait/ landscape -mode

PostWed Jan 15, 2020 9:50 am

Just finished 3 image-films for a client. Edited and graded in DaVinci 16

All 3 in portrait-mode, and all the timeline 16:9 > 9:16 conversion etc. worked well - lots of great tutorials out there.

I have an EIZO monitor connected through UltraStudio by Blackmagic. And the EIZO has the option to rotate the image and the physical monitor 90 degrees to when you work in portrait-mode ...Windows does too.

BUT how do I make DaVinci understand that? Cause rotating your monitor from landscape to portrait doesn't really make sense when the DaVinci output to the EIZO monitor is not following along, what am I missing?

I hope it makes sense what my challenge is.

Thanks in advance.


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