Intelligence TV series.

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Intelligence TV series.

PostTue Jul 28, 2020 3:58 pm

I'm just watching this British TV series called Intelligence. It has one of the Friends stars in it. The comedy in the first episode is so lame, it's like it's Australian, a laugh a minute. But a grading issue.

In the 4th episode they invite an Australian hacker in, and the guys complexion is so good, and features are so chiseled, it's like he is being filmed by a totally different camera compared to the American star, who both look like they are on different camera from the English cast. Never seen anything like it. Disturbing to see them all shoot in one scene, it's like they are using various degrees of beauty filters compared to the Australian guy, who appears normal, sort of like a young version of the guy from the original pocket camera photos. That sort of look was more common in Northern Sydney beaches, even up here during pioneer times. Sort of like good looking Vikings. Probably from where their ancestors moved from in England.

It looks like a very aggressive adaptive streaming codec here on iView favouring Australian skin tones. The differences are still there, but the streaming codec is giving a lot more bandwidth based on the Australian complexion and hence blurring everybody else, and exaggerating the differences. Chris Hemsworth will be happy to know...

Interesting, but how to avoid? I mean it's good for viewers to set a preferred looks not fit the thing to be trashed before it gets there. The grading is great, moody, contrasty, but on the stream, it is very much brighter and even, which is exaggerating the differences in the levels of people's faces. It can be seen how it originally looked on the trailers.

A must watched TV comedy series, that sorts of is written like what Australians think of Americans, that Americans will admit to, and; congratulate the Americans can star for going there.
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