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Texture Pop Resolve Fx

PostThu Nov 26, 2020 2:41 pm


Has anyone else been trying the new Resolve 17 Fx called "Texture Pop"??

It is a very much enhanced version of Color Boost on the Primary Color Wheels page.

For me, it looks very promising. It seems to be able to bring out hidden details in otherwise bland slabs of color.

I am still experimenting with it, but it is clearly very powerful, and needs to be used in moderation.

It works well in Basic Mode, but Advanced is even better, but I defy anyone to really use all 28 sliders effectively!!

I am using Strength around 0.275, details 0.119, with Global Blend 0.4.

But to me, the Global Blend seems to be reversed, so 0 is Minimum Effect, and 100 is Max. Or am I confused?? In any case, this is a small problem.

I sometimes use a small amount of Sharpness in addition to Texture Pop, as the two things are not the same.


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