for wedding and large angle

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for wedding and large angle

PostSun Sep 23, 2012 4:50 pm

I'll buy a blackmagick. I hesitate between two models: EF mount and MFT. I reportage wedding and I need a wide angle. I have many optical nikon (16.24, 35.50 ..). I more towards the MFT mount.
1) differences between the two frames
is that the difference lies only in the picking or also at the exposition ?
1) EF mount
what objectives can shoot wide angle? I do not see with multiplier of 2.3
I thought of possibly 17-55 in canon or zeiss 15 mm but not really a wide angle with them
what would be the recommended goals?
is that adapters are provided for nikon objectives with EF mount ?
2) MFT mount
what would be the recommended goals?
I thought objectives: panasonic 12-35 ASPH, olympus 14-35...
the multiplier is 2 (or 2.3?)
thank you
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Re: for wedding and large angle

PostFri Sep 28, 2012 2:19 pm

i would go with ef mount as it has IS and you probably shoot as hand held mostly ?

You have to look here it has been talked about wide glass that was really wide for regular sensor.

8-16mm would give you 18,4-36,8 it should be wide enough for any situation ?

So you just have to adjust lenses to your needs and thats it.

But you know your needs best so it is hard for anyone to comment.
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Re: for wedding and large angle

PostFri Sep 28, 2012 10:19 pm

having said that I see a lot of handicaps for weddings and events with the RAW and flat profile ProRes workflow actually there are more suitable and affordable lenses for the EF mount than for passive µ43. I shot a lot with GH2 and I had only two passive lenses: wide angle 12mm SLR Magic and 25mm Nokton (which is no wide angle lens) A lot oft geat lenses as Olympus 12mm and upcoming µ43 mount for Tokina 11-16 do not work with a passive mount.

Regarding your bunch of Nikons: there is no wide angle lens in relation to the sensor! I had one nikon lens with a novoflex adapter and I found it very confusing having one lens with reversed focus so I sold it even when picture quality was excellent. You could also go for an PL/µ43 adapter and great PL cinema lenses If you prefer µ43 mount
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