Pocket Cienema 4K: Tally and Talkback

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Pocket Cienema 4K: Tally and Talkback

PostFri Apr 02, 2021 4:33 pm


i have some questions to the Pocket Cinema 4K.

* I have seen that there is a tally/record light on the front of the camera (with record, preview and program-indicator). Also there is a tally light in the screen (red bar). In the manual this on screen tally is described as record tally. Can this screen tally also show the preview/program indication (tally) or just the indication that the camera is recording? I want the connect my Television Studio Pro 4K the PocketCinema with the new 3G Bidirectional-Converter which can also broadcast ccu+tally.

* Is there any option to use the Television Studio 4K Talkback System on the PocketCinema 4K?


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Re: Pocket Cienema 4K: Tally and Talkback

PostWed Apr 07, 2021 8:53 pm

Yes, tally works just perfect with the new 3G bidirectional converter. As well as on the lcd screen as on the front.

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