Understanding Resolve and video output on Intensity Pro 4k

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Understanding Resolve and video output on Intensity Pro 4k

PostSat Apr 03, 2021 11:58 am


I'm new in this kind of things, I've never have a videocamera, I bought Intensity Pro 4k just to use with a reflex camera which I thought had a clean HDMI output as well as a mobile. These two devices have different HDMI output in resolution and color.
Well, at the beginning I had some difficulty but finally I could configure those devices with OBS and Premiere, capturing and an an impressive real time conversion through my old GTX 750 bought in 2014, except for Resolve with which I can't configure any either input or output. Can my devices be incompatible with Resolve?

Then I'd like to ask you why video output does not looks to work very well with OBS and Premiere. For example on OWB I can capture on the main screen, but if I connect a video output on Pro 4k, what I could watch on the first screen move on the second, leaving a black screen that is not what I want to capture then. Maybe everything is regular, but I though video output serves to duplicate what is captured the video input source.

PS At the moment I have only one 1080p screen which I had connected on the video output, while I was using an old 1028x1024 as main screen. But now I'm not using the video output card cause it does not look useful to me. Hopefully someone can enlighten me.

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