Atem Mini Pro Ethernet vs mobile tethering Issues

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Atem Mini Pro Ethernet vs mobile tethering Issues

PostSun Apr 11, 2021 4:17 pm

The 8.6 previous update made me so happy as it gave me a backup possibility for wired internet loss when streaming. A huge benefit in reliability. I noticed it worked fine BUT when wired internet came back online the Atem kept streaming via the mobile phone. I hoped the 8.6.1 update would cure that. There is now a section in which you can prioritize your 'Utp wired' or 'Usb tethered' connection. But for me it seemed this update made it worse instead of better. The wished automatic switch back to the Utp connection seems not a part of the update. What changed for me is that The Atem no longer checks if internet via Utp gets lost. Instead the Atem now checks if the connected network connection gets lost.
I have a router in my Mobile Kit, like most people. This way I can connect multiple remotes and the a laptop with the Atem control software to the Atem. The Atem is also wired to the router in my kit. At location on a job I connect the internet to the router. So not directly to the Atem. However now if the internet gets lost, my Atem does not switch to the usb tethered mobile phone. I have to actually disconnect the utp plug from the Atem before it switches over to the mobile backup. And restoring utp connection + internet does not auto switch the Atem to utp connected internet again. Manually unplugging the mobile phone does switch the Atem back to utp. But that is tricky to risk while busy on a job. I hoped the update would made the system switch automatically from and back to the priority internet connection making it a true double safety internet system but I guess my hopes were too high. I might have to switch back to version 8.6 (without the one) as I love the mobile fall-back but I cannot remove my router in between. Others any tests done?
I bought the Atem Mini Pro to:
Change from editing to live switching and decrease my post time a lot.
Increase my easy camera choosing and broadcast quality.

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