Export Washed out on Instagram

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Export Washed out on Instagram

PostThu Apr 15, 2021 10:00 pm

Ok so this is the weirdest problem I have ever had.

Here is a quick rundown:
The exported video works perfectly on every device. It's outputted to Rec 709. So far so good. I try uploading it to Instagram. When I am in the menu selecting the said video, it looks the way it should. When I select the video and hit the upload button, the gamma skyrockets, making the entire image almost white. When I hit upload the image stays "broken". But when viewed on the page, the thumbnail looks exactly as the grade does. Now comes the weirdest thing: when I delete the video, a copy of the "broken" version is stored on my Iphone. Is this an Instagram issue or is the export "broken"? i have sent it via different apps and it works fine. So my question is if my project settings are wrong? Here are the settings:

I also apply color space transformation in the node tree but I would think that does not matter, since I get the desired output. Is this a Davinci YRGB issue? I have worked with ACES before for Instagram projects and had no issues whatsoever.

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Re: Export Washed out on Instagram

PostFri Apr 16, 2021 3:49 pm

Here's my thinking.

If you play the video from hardware to a calibrated display and it looks correct, there is nothing wrong with it. The issue must be with Instagram.

But you need that proper QC as a first step. Played from hardware to a calibrated display.

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