Impossible working on cinematic music projects in Resolve

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Impossible working on cinematic music projects in Resolve

PostFri Apr 16, 2021 8:29 am

I have set some music virtual instruments of different manufacturers in some mixer channels of the Fairlight page.

All seems to work as expected but when you close the project and reopen it Resolve starts to random loose some of the midi input channel settings previously set in each virtual instrument.

If you keep going to quit and reopen two to three times, Resolve keeps loosing the midi input settings until all of the settings are lost at all, no matter of which manufacturer the Virtual Instruments are.

I tried this for a long time at now and with different releases of the free Resolve but nothing has changed also now that I use the last Studio version and the Fairlight accelerator.

Imagine to spend a ton of hours for setting up 100 to well over 200 virtual instrument midi inputs for a cinematic music project and then loosing all of your settings....

I never found a problem like this in any DAW out there.

Is there someone that got the same problem or got a good solution?

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