Video clean feed

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Video clean feed

PostTue May 11, 2021 1:39 pm

I have a 2nd monitor Benq pd2700u connected to 27inc imac. running resolve 17 .
The 'Video clean feed' on the Benq is terrible quality. Lots of artifacts in the shadows. It looks like a poor quality low bit rate video or heavily compressed?

When I use 'Dual screen' and move my interface viewer to the Benq, it looks great. Clean image just like the imac.

Dual screen on FCPX alos looks great on benq.
So monitor is set up ok? and connected by usb to display port.
It must be a setting causing poor quality on the ' Video clean feed' /
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Re: Video clean feed

PostWed May 12, 2021 4:01 am

Read page 2582 of the Resolve 16.2.6 manual, "Limitations When Grading With the Viewer on a Computer Display." This explains why it's unwise to try to use a computer display for final color correction.The same problem exists with the "Clean Feed" output, since it's not color managed. I think you get a basic "computer OS" picture, but not one good enough to make qualitative judgements.

The Clean Feed can be perfectly adequate if you're only editing in Resolve and don't need to make any precise color judgements on the fullscreen preview display. If you do need to see accurate color, you really need a color-managed output with a Blackmagic display device, plus a calibrated display.
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