Corrupted braw Files repair

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Corrupted braw Files repair

PostFri Jul 23, 2021 8:14 am


We had a 3 Day shoot with the Pocket 6K, the workflow for backing up data was identical all days.

On the last day after copying (with terra copy, checksumms checked) I could not load any of the BRAW files into Resolve but one Clip - out of 96. The filesizes look normal. I can import the other days. Simultaneously the SSD with the source material appeared to be unformated (was fat32) after the copying process.

So I am stuck here with 95 corrupted braw files. Is there a way to repair the header, or something because I believe the Data is there. I uploaded a file to aeroquartets Tresured Tool and the preview showed the clip. Is there another way of restoring the braws?

Help and suggestions are very much appreciated!



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Re: Corrupted braw Files repair

PostThu Aug 19, 2021 9:17 pm

I need help with this! Tech support told me to post this here. Kinda hard to believe they can't help... So please .. How do I edit the header file?

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Re: Corrupted braw Files repair

PostFri Aug 20, 2021 10:31 am

Totally not mandatory part of support responsibility as it's not necessarily directly related to camera itself.
When you have corrupted hard disk do you go to eg. Seagate to recover your files?
No. You go to a company which specialises in recovery. Same here. If you really need it then you have to pay someone to try to recover it. Sometimes it's easy, but sometimes it's simply impossible. Not that cheap kind of service either. If it happens a lot then it may be faulty camera and then it's BM support problem.
BRAW is similar to mp4, so fix may be simple, but you have 0 guarantee it will be simple. BM could write some tool to fix missing headers etc. but they won't help everyone with their lost files for sure. Doing it manually requires knowledge and it's not necessarily that easy.

Have you tried any solution which goole shows you, eg. ... aw.en.html ... nd-videos/

You can at leats check if files are recoverable.

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