Resolve 17 MultiCam Waveforms Delayed Loading

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Resolve 17 MultiCam Waveforms Delayed Loading

PostFri Sep 17, 2021 12:43 am


I'm experiencing very delayed (but selective) waveform loading times in the Edit Page on Resolve 17 Studio. All clips are inside of a MultiCam timeline, however some (the number of tracks and resolution are seemingly irrelevant) load faster than others.

My specific question is: Does waveform loading time heavily depend on the speed of the drive/s that you are pulling from? All of my media is located on 8TB (External) Seagate drives (not ideal, I know, but I am working with >40TB of media and have not been able to convince the Director of the project to invest in a RAID Array or NAS... Yet...). Is it normal (as of Resolve 17's current release; which is what I am on) to take ~10 minutes to generate waveforms from a 5-angle 4K multi-cam clip or is there likely something else wrong with my system? I am working off of a 2019 Mac Pro with an Afterburner accelerator card installed (6 slots of 2933 MHz DDR4 R-DIMM (so 96GB) and a 16-Core Intel Xeon W). Scaling the Audio/Video lanes sometimes helps, but not reliably.

Any help on understanding this variable delay would be greatly appreciated (as I could potentially convince my boss to invest in a faster drive... if that is indeed the issue)!

Thank you for any insight you can provide!!

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Re: Resolve 17 MultiCam Waveforms Delayed Loading

PostTue Sep 21, 2021 8:59 am

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