lost project after davinci crashed, project.db damaged?

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lost project after davinci crashed, project.db damaged?

PostTue Sep 28, 2021 11:56 pm

Hello :)

I'm working on a Filmproject since a while and today after DaVinci crashed the project was completely gone.
I already tried putting the project.db file in a new folder in my default data base but it didn't appear in davinci anyway..
does anyone know why this happened, if there is any solution/hope or if I should cry a bit, then start all over again and do backups to prevent this in the future?

thanks a lot,
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Re: lost project after davinci crashed, project.db damaged?

PostWed Sep 29, 2021 12:09 am

First thing I'll say is that if you are working on long multi-day/weeks/months/years long projects, and they are important to you, you should make a Project Export .drp file at the end of each work day. And ideally keep a copy of it off the main system drive. Because stuff happens...

I'd also recommend you enable the Project Backups option in Resolve Preferences - Users - Project Save and Load.

That should protect your projects going forward.

If you want to send us the Project.db file to look at, we will. Recovery rates of corrupted projects is low, but you never know.

Where is the database this project was in? The standard default Local Database Disk database, or did you make another database in a different location?

Mac or Windows?

We don't recommend putting Disk databases on removeable storage. And you can't use ExFAT formatted drives for Disk databases.
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