any battery plate for NP-F usable with BMPCC 6K Pro?

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any battery plate for NP-F usable with BMPCC 6K Pro?

PostFri Oct 01, 2021 7:31 pm

Hi, does anyone know if there is any battery plate like the smallrig 2504 or 3018
or Tilta euqivalent
that works with the 6K Pro?
Apparently the 6K Pro has a higher power consumption than the 4K/6K thus the smallrig doesnt work. (Even though I dont really understand this because it should the Volts not the Watts that should be of importance or am I mistaking?).

Frank Engel

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Re: any battery plate for NP-F usable with BMPCC 6K Pro?

PostSun Oct 24, 2021 11:43 am

When dealing with power supplies, voltage must match, and the supply must be able to supply at least the number of amps (watts = volts * amps) needed by the device.

Batteries are typically rated for volts (which again must match), and amp-hours, which is how many amps the battery can supply for one hour. For example, a 9V battery is typically rated at 0.5 amp-hours, so it could supply 9 watts (9V * 1 amp) For 1/2 hour, or 4.5 watts (9V * 0.5 amp) for 1 hour.

This doesn't mean that you can draw unlimited amperage from a battery and expect a fully linear lifespan - there is still a limit to how many amps you can realistically draw from a given battery, though this is often not directly given as a specification for a given type of battery. For example it is known that AA batteries can generally support a higher amperage draw than AAA batteries even though they are both 1.5V.

It is wattage that specifies units of work. Two devices can use batteries with the same voltage but one might require a higher amperage (thus higher wattage) draw than the other. The one requiring more amps would thus require a battery that can supply that amperage level, and if both devices used the same batteries, the one drawing more amps would drain the battery faster.

It is possible that an NP-F battery can supply the amperage (wattage) needed by one camera but not by the other camera. In this case if it is possible for a battery plate to make them compatible it would probably need to run two or more NP-F batteries in parallel to increase the amperage they can provide.

It is also possible that the incompatibility for the plate in question is due to a power handling limitation of the plate itself and not of the battery.

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