Tiny Font from the year 2000

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Tiny Font from the year 2000

PostFri Oct 15, 2021 2:20 pm

I'd like to suggest this PHPBB bulletin board be modernized.
The font is so tiny and out of date, out of style.
It is difficult to read.

Please get with the times and make a few changes like using larger, readable font by default.
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Mark Foster

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Re: Tiny Font from the year 2000

PostFri Oct 15, 2021 2:59 pm

you can change the font size in your browser
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Ellory Yu

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Re: Tiny Font from the year 2000

PostFri Oct 15, 2021 4:45 pm

Looks fine as is to me. What's the problem again? Maybe a pair of good glasses. :lol:
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Re: Tiny Font from the year 2000

PostMon Oct 18, 2021 4:53 pm

I have no problem with the font, but just about every other aspect of this forum is desperately overdue for modernisation.
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