ATEM Mini Pro ISO wrong colors

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ATEM Mini Pro ISO wrong colors

PostFri Oct 22, 2021 4:23 pm

I have a local venue that uses a Crestron system to feed their LED walls. I just hook the output of my ATEM Mini to the HDMI port on the wall.

I am having a bizzare issue though. The colors are wrong on the output (Purples and Greens). My setup has a Mac Laptop in port 1, URSA Mini 4.6K in port 2, and another laptop in port 3. The first laptops color profile is set to SMPTE. The only way I can make the colors right is to put the output of the switcher into a DataVideo DAC-70 Cross-Converter and then plug that into the wall port.

I feel like it might be a sync issue but am unsure how to fix that with an ATEM Mini since they don't have a Reference input (or output).

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

URSA Mini with correct colors
IMG_4253.png (795.64 KiB) Viewed 764 times
Mac laptop color space settings
IMG_4252.png (448.15 KiB) Viewed 764 times
LED wall with wrong colors
IMG_4251.png (601.82 KiB) Viewed 764 times
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Re: ATEM Mini Pro ISO wrong colors

PostFri Oct 22, 2021 4:48 pm

You are feeding YUV video into an input which expects RGB.

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