BMPCC 6K PRO encoding settings premiere pro

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BMPCC 6K PRO encoding settings premiere pro

PostMon Oct 25, 2021 4:52 am

which settings do y'all use for exporting the BRAW footage in premiere pro?
I end up with a blocky image if I use the standard settings
a very dark image when I use profile high10 + rec 2020 color primaries + high dynamic range + include HDR10 Metadata.
my image is pretty dark so it ends up not having enough colors when I export it with normal settings and ends up blocky but when I try to export it with more colors (at least I think that's what those settings do) it ends up super dark..
so yeah, if y'all could leave some tips down below that would be great :)
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Re: BMPCC 6K PRO encoding settings premiere pro

PostTue Oct 26, 2021 8:11 am

It's an usual behavior to see dark images when you export in HDR. It means you don't have a properly setup HDR display to see the video you exported. Sometimes people include HDR to SDR LUTs inside the exported video to see better whats inside on a SDR screen, for example you can do that for YouTube so that it looks good to normal users
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