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Fusion Comp gets reset when resolve crashes

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Fusion Comp gets reset when resolve crashes

PostWed Dec 01, 2021 9:55 am

So I have encountered this weird issue 4 times now.
When i make a new project add a fusion comp and add my 1st node (lets say a text node for now), then just do stuff in fusion and suddenly resolve crashes. Obvously resolve has this reallt great feature that if ur project hasnt been saved yet that it will save if resolve crashes.
BUT A MASSIVE BUT when i open the project again my fusion comp literly only contains the 1st node i added (the text node) with default settings. Even project backups only show the absolute 1st node i added

The only way i found to prevent this bug from happening is open the project close davinci and just reopen
as the 4 times the bug happened to me is when i have never restarted davinci since i started the project

simple saving the pf wont prevent it

I hope i can help people with that as it costed me like 5 hours alr

George Woods

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Re: Fusion Comp gets reset when resolve crashes

PostThu Dec 02, 2021 12:48 am

Yes! This has happened to me many many times in the last week too. It's infuriating.
M1 MacBook Air on MacOS 12.01, Davinci 17.4.2

I also have had it happen without Davinci crashing! I've just popped out to Media page and maybe opened a timeline. Then when I opened the Fusion composition again - all my nodes have gone. All that is left is media in and media out!

This is a stand alone Fusion Comp too.

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