HyperDeck SHDP blinking record button

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Joshua Szanto

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HyperDeck SHDP blinking record button

PostTue Dec 07, 2021 1:55 am

We recently bought a brand new HyperDeck Studio HD Pro to replace our aging HyperDeck Shuttle.

We have come to notice that sometimes -- for seemingly no apparent reason -- the HyperDeck blinks the Record button. With our Shutter, we know the blinking Record button to mean that the SSD is running out of space and recording is about to stop shortly (automatically). However, with our Studio HD Pro this is happening long before disk space is about to run out, sometimes at the beginning of our events. If we do nothing, recording continues and never stops. When we review the recordings on a computer, we do not see any issues -- everything looks fine.

Yes, we format our SSDs with the HyperDeck.
Yes, our SSDs are able to handle a sustained SATAIII throughput (~550 MB/s on read and write) and are in good health.
Yes, we've made sure our SSDs are wiped before an event to ensure we have enough space to record a full event.
Yes, this happens to even our BMD-certified compatible SanDisk SSDs.

I have read that sometimes this can mean that frames are being dropped due to poor write throughput, but we aren't seeing this problem when reviewing the recording on computer. The recordings are fine.

Why is the HyperDeck blinking the recording button for no reason? This is concerning. Did we get a defective unit?

Dave Del Vecchio

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Re: HyperDeck SHDP blinking record button

PostTue Dec 07, 2021 2:55 am

There have been other reports of similar issues with the new HyperDeck models:

It seemed like the problem might be resolution and codec dependent, but I think it is not entirely clear what the underlying cause is at this point. It might be good to try and replicate some of the tests in that earlier thread and see if you get similar results.

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