DRP issues from ATEM Extreme ISO

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DRP issues from ATEM Extreme ISO

PostWed Aug 10, 2022 11:43 pm

I'm just putting together an event recording, using 4 ISO sources, but when I try and open the drp in Resolve (18.0.1 build 3) it only places a few minutes of a single source on the timeline. All the source video and audio are in their correct folders so I assume there's just a corruption in the drp somewhere? I've used the ISO-drp editing before without any issues (although in Resolve 17 to be fair!).

I've tried opening it up in notepad and it seems to have all the cuts and timecode in place - full of this sort of thing:


Is anyone aware of a tool or a trick that can 'fix' a drp file like this? Or does it need to be upgraded to a 18-compatible file somehow??

Obviously I can just use the live recording as a starting point and fix bits manually, but it somewhat defeats the purpose of the drp.


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