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Removing an element from a handheld shot

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Removing an element from a handheld shot

PostTue Oct 04, 2022 11:44 am

Hi there,

SFX newb here. I am editing a scene in which I have to remove a pair of violins from a shelf, so that the shot matches other shots in the scene. The camera work is all hand-held.

So I have drawn around the violins in Color, tracked the movement, created a mask. All good so far.

What I'm struggling with is replacing the key with a still image of the bare shelves. How do I get the still image of the bare shelves to match the tracking of the main video? Do I somehow copy and paste the same key shape? How do I do that?


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Re: Removing an element from a handheld shot

PostWed Oct 05, 2022 8:48 am

You mention that you've done some work in the Color page, but you are asking a question in the Fusion section. There's not much interaction in that sense between the Fusion and Color pages.
Depending on how much movement (in 3D space) there is you can work with a clean plate, but if the movement is too big 3D wise you'll probably need to do some reconstruction/reprojection of your clean scene to effectively replace the violins on the shelf. How long is the footage and can you share it? That will help us help you better.
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Re: Removing an element from a handheld shot

PostThu Oct 06, 2022 6:34 pm

This is pretty easy assuming the handheld motion is fairly subtle and does not rotate on the z axis very much.

In Fusion, add a planar tracker. Draw a polygon around the violin. Set a reference frame then track forward and backward. Click 'Create Planar Transform'. Set that new node to 'Match Move' and replace the planar tracker with it. Then pipe your replacement image into that planar transform and season to taste (blur edges, tweak the mask, etc.) You may need to run your replacement image through a transform node just before the planar transform node so you can move it around to fit easily. You can delete your original planar tracker node or just set it aside.

You can also paint the violin out using a similar workflow but I find layering works better, at least for me.
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