Intensity Shuttle USB on Macbook Pro 16

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Intensity Shuttle USB on Macbook Pro 16

PostWed Jul 22, 2020 4:37 pm

Hi All,
I have a new Macbook Pro 16 inch and picked up the Intensity Shuttle USB3 to use as a capture device and for live streaming. Did some research and could not find anything that said the Shuttle was incompatible with the latest Macbook. When I first started using it a couple months ago everything was fine. I could capture with both HDMI and analog video sources. Now in just the last couple weeks I get no analog video on either composite or S-Video. I do get audio on the RCA inputs. Insert antique joke here. Any way, Blackmagic support was no help at all. Nothing on my system has changed. I am using a USB A to USB C adapter. I tried the latest version of Blackmagic Desktop video. I have also tried to downgrade to earlier versions with no luck. This is what Blackmagic support suggested. I know that the Shuttle is working properly as I plugged it into a Windows 10 desktop and all the inputs worked fine. Must be a compatibility issue with my new Mac. I'm thinking it must be a firmware update on the hardware itself that has caused the problem. I don't know how to check the firmware on the Shuttle itself. Can you roll back the firmware on the Shuttle? Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Intensity Shuttle USB on Macbook Pro 16

PostMon Nov 28, 2022 5:12 pm

Looking for a solution to this with a Macbook Pro 12.5.1

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