Sony PS5 footage in Resolve Studio on Apple Silicon Macs

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Sony PS5 footage in Resolve Studio on Apple Silicon Macs

PostSun Feb 05, 2023 2:10 am

In this video I'm showing how to prepare your Sony PlayStation 5 gameplay capture videos so that you can edit the files in DaVinci Resolve Studio.

When you record 4K game capture internally on PS5 the file is in the WebM .webm container or wrapper. Inside this container are two codecs, one for video and one for audio. The video codec is in the VP9 video format and the audio codec is in the Opus audio format.

While DaVinci Resolve Studio is compatible with both VP9 and Opus, it does not understand the .webm container and so will not import the native .webm PS5 gameplay video files. So we have to change the media container to something that Resolve can understand.

For this example I'm using LosslessCut to change .webm to .mp4 because Resolve will understand and import the MP4 media container. So basically what happens with LosslessCut is that it extracts the VP9 and Opus codecs from the .webm file and rewraps those VP9 and Opus codecs into a .mp4 container.

One important thing to understand with this conversion is that the video and audio are not recompressed or transcoded. Which means that the final MP4 file contains the exact same picture and audio quality as the WebM file, so no loss of quality with the video and audio.

Once in Resolve there is just one more quick step. The video has to be flagged as limited in its range so that the luminance and chrominance are correct (basically, the color and brightness). Unless this step is taken, Resolve reads an incorrect flag that LosslessCut introduces during the transfer and Resolve interprets the video as RGB full range and not the correct YUV limited range.

To download LosslessCut follow this link and scroll down toward the bottom of the page and you will see free downloadable versions for Mac, Windows and Linux

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