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Atem 1 m/e television Studio Pro 4k - Downstreaming Q

PostWed Feb 08, 2023 5:16 pm

I'm having trouble getting a downstream key to show up in my program feed from a Graphics Outfitters replay system. The replay system has key and fill SDI outputs that go to SDI inputs 5 and 6. I set the downstream key 1 to key and fill cameras 5 and 6 and clicked DSK1 ON AIR. I can see the stinger and replay in my camera source on the multiview but it won't go over my program feed. I've adjusted the clip and gain in a number of different configurations but I still can't get it to work properly. The only way to get it to show up is by setting the clip to "0" but then I get a black screen after the replay and stinger finishes. Any help you can offer would be appreciated.

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Re: Atem 1 m/e television Studio Pro 4k - Downstreaming Q

PostWed Feb 08, 2023 8:40 pm

You need to Clear the Key after each playback. We use vmix and by default switch to a clean source after each playback.

Seems your Playback send something that will trigger this.

You can easy spot this if you check what the Key and Fill layer are doing in your multiviewer. Everthing that is white will be Keyed away.. So if your playback ends with FULL WHITE on your Key.. Then yes you will end up with no video..
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