Free Virtual Microphone/Amplifier

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Free Virtual Microphone/Amplifier

PostFri Oct 12, 2012 3:57 pm


Just streaming using WebCamMax and wanting a free software solution to feed the audio output from the video playlist into Flash Streaming software. We currently loop the headphone output into the line in which becomes the feed to our stream. But we lose audio quality and fidelity here and as well it limits our ability to control our stream remotely...!:-)

Can't seem to find any free virtual microphones (an amplifier would also be useful). Does anyone know of any solution here as ManyCam has a built-in virtual microphone but it has been too unstable for us.

Thank You for solutions it seems with our recent upgrade to Flash Streaming we are just one small step away from creating a quite stable 24-hr streaming solution as currently the alarm clock is set every couple hours to keep the stream going! :)

Thank You
- Yes we have virtually no budget as a purely volunteer organization so we would rather invest sweat and elbow grease even though there may be an inexpensive solution. The whole application for funding process would whimper out as we actually string together a live streaming production daily and the "problems" there with feedback and interference are innumerable and vary daily. So a free solution is really the focus at this point.

Thank You

- Mark

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