Mini converter SDI to Analog

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Mini converter SDI to Analog

PostSat Nov 23, 2013 4:28 pm


I'm using a Mini Converter SDI to Analog with both SDI inputs, MAIN and ALT.

After we shutdown the ATEM mixer wich is connected to the MAIN input, the converter will then nicely swich signal source to the digital signage server wich is connected to the ALT input.

Problem is when we start the ATEM next time and the mini converter will receive signal to the MAIN input again. It would be logical then to choose the MAIN as signal source, but the converter will still be stuck with ALT signal. Only reboot will help with this.

Yes, I have the newest firmware...
1x ATEM 2M/E
1x ATEM Production studio 4K 1M/E
1x ATEM Production studio 4K 2M/E
3x ATEM Studio converter
4x ATEM Camera converter
1x H.264 ProRecorder
5x Hyperdeck Shuttle / Studio
3x Decklink cards
4x SmartView HD
~26x Mini Converter

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