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eSata help

PostWed Sep 05, 2012 11:52 am

Hi guys,

At my work in another office (In manchester, I'm in London) there is a mac pro (that someone who has now left the company and gone on a trip to africa for 3 months) put together.

This mac pro has two esata ports on the back of it, and someone at the office updated MAC OSX on the computer. It' was Lion before, but now has gone up to 10.7.4.

They've mentioned that the esata ports put in where 'Black Magic Design' as they remember it.

Since the mac has been updated, whenever you plug something into the eSata ports (a hard drive etc) it causes a kernal panic, and the who 'please restart computer' screen comes up.

Unfortunately we really need the esata ports.

Is it a case of updating the drivers for these ports? Anyone know where/how to do that? This stuff is quite lost on me and everyone else at the office.

Anyone know how to find out what model the esata ports (cards? Is that the right word?) without opening up the computer? (I'm about 200 or so miles away in another office).

Thank you for any help, sorry if I've missed some part of vital info.
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Re: eSata help

PostWed Sep 05, 2012 6:52 pm

I don't think I've ever seen a BMD branded eSATA controller. He must've mixed up something.
Mac OS 10.7.x is still Lion. Mac OS 10.8.x is Mountain Lion.

If you have remote access to that Mac, you can check the About this Mac -> More info... -> System report...

From the list to the left, click PCI Cards. It should tell you the brand or at least more info about the eSATA controller.

Would it be an option to go for a new controller? You can get controllers with four ports as well. Myself, I have a RocketRAID. Works like a charm. All though not as good as ATTO, it's been going strong the past 6 years.

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