decklink mini monitor 4k problems

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decklink mini monitor 4k problems

PostTue Jul 17, 2018 1:43 am

computer configuration:
msi x299 raider motherboard
intel core i7 7800X @ 3.5GHz
gygabyte geforce gtx 1080
windows 10 64bit

Hi guys, i´ve been having problems since i installed my decklink mini monitor 4k card, at first i experienced some lag in the playback, it worked better when i uninstalled the fairlight drivers. then my internal raid 0 disk array went nuts and lost one of the volumes (it has 5 4tb drives) and lost all of my data, then adobe after effects started crashing after opening resolve 15beta until it was´t posible to run it anymore (the only solution was to reinstall adobe after effects). after a few days i decided to remove the card and everything went back to normal, but had to sacrifice to monitor my signal from resolve :(
do you have any info on these matters?
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Re: decklink mini monitor 4k problems

PostTue Jul 17, 2018 6:09 am

Faulty vCard?
SuperServer 5039AD-I
C9X299-PGF - DDR4-2400 16x4 GB
i9-7920xCPU 12c 2.90GHz Water cooled
2x 1080ti DeckLink Studio 4K (11.5.1)
W10-1903 - BMR St.
nvidia: 441.66 studio

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