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How to add a grid control to a viewer?

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How to add a grid control to a viewer?

PostThu Feb 07, 2019 8:56 pm

I researched everywhere on the web, tutorials and Davinci Resolve user guide and I didn't find anything about how to display grid control to adjust correctly a node to an another. In one shot I adjusted a node to a background (rusty mark on the drinking water sign) and an another shot with an another close up where I have to adjust precisely the same rusty pattern on the sign. (see attachment). The planar tool is really helpful but at the 6 last frames of the shot I have to adjust because the planar tracker wasn't accurate.
Is there in fusion the same display grid option as in AE? If yes, I don't know where is it?
Any idea? Thank you very much.

rusty marks I inserted.png
rusty marks I inserted.png (890.56 KiB) Viewed 395 times

shot where I need grid control.png
shot where I need grid control.png (523.01 KiB) Viewed 395 times


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Re: How to add a grid control to a viewer?

PostFri Feb 08, 2019 6:40 am

In the Fusion tab, click ctrl-space, type grid, choose it and add it right after the MediaIn node. You can remove it after you are done lining things up.
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