Annoying Glitch in my Output @h.264

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Annoying Glitch in my Output @h.264

PostTue May 14, 2019 8:07 pm

Hi everybody, I hope you can help me to figure out a solution to fix an annoying problem that is completely freacking me out!

Actually I faced two distinct problem that occurred during the rendering process. The 1st one occurred in dVR15 while generating a using h.264 codec and that produced several ominous crash in series. Starting from that moment every exported file presented an awful quality!
I set up some test trying to frame the real problem so I switched h.264 codec to Apple ProRes and, as I expected, I got a great video in a huge file! Quite a solution but of course not the definitive one! I exported my project into Prrrrremiere (a really daunting process) and I switched back to h.264 codec… … it did it, but I promised myself to never come back to that pice of software ever again, so I convinced my self that somehow my dVR15 was having bad time with the h.264 codec, so my brilliant solution was to upgrade from dVR15 to dVR16. I know… that doesn’t sound a wise solution, but it worked! Actually it just seemed to work in fact I got stuck myself with a 2nd new problem somehow even more annoying than the previous one! My output file, as I said, seemed perfect but randomically it presents some glitch: an improvise loss of quality just in a single frame.

Does anyone encountered the same problem? Any Ideas how to fix it?
Thank you in advance!

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Re: Annoying Glitch in my Output @h.264

PostFri May 17, 2019 2:15 am

Perhaps move this topic to the Resolve forum? Also system details and footage format will help others help you.
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