webpresenter 2.0 features

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webpresenter 2.0 features

PostFri May 04, 2018 6:50 am

Anybody using webpresenter wishing for features updates for a version 2.0 ?!

I have a few:
1. ability to set output usb framerate fixed ( p.e. 25 fps) - all my inputs are 25p but still the webpresenter will upscale to 30 when connected) when using vmix and the web presenter as usb input I can set the fps on the input...

2. for small productions I use a video assist as a monitor and recorder. moreover I can monitor output on the screen where i stream to, p.e. facebook.

but using 2 cameras it would be nice to be able to monitor the second input on the web presenter screen and see output on the other screen.

therefor an option to be able to set what to see on the web presenter would be an asset: set to live or standby.

3. audio: it would be an asset to be able to select left or right channel and or mix this to mono.

I always route the audio through my cameras and input this to the web presenter. the audio is left right and will have 2 sources ( p.e. one mixer or mic (L) and a rode directional mic (L) . but these will be recorded as l+r stereo and no way to control ( so now i set the audio 2 on camera 2)

the audio options could be improved on that aspect.

4: more audio: you can switch cameras on the go, and it would be an asset if also audio could be switched on the fly. p.e. by pushing audio and the select input to change audio channels only, push video and you can switch video channels ( as set woth options like audio follows video or not...)

anybody wishing for more??

greetings, Stefan

Johannes Drakenberg

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Re: webpresenter 2.0 features

PostFri May 18, 2018 11:04 am

3rd input!

Denny Smith

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Re: webpresenter 2.0 features

PostFri May 18, 2018 4:15 pm

Yes, two SDI and one HDMI input would be grand. :mrgreen:
Denny Smith
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