Intensity Pro Installation

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Intensity Pro Installation

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I am new to BlackMagic and our company recently purchased an Intensity Pro for video capture. We built a new pc with an Asus motherboard and Win 7 Pro 64 bit. The Intensity pro is installed in PCIe slot 1 with 16 lanes so I think it should work fine. I loaded the latest windows installer from Blackmagic's website. I tried to use Media Express to capture via hdmi from a Panasonic HC-V700M Video Camera. I can see output to tv via hdmi from the camera in camera mode. I am unable to see any video being captured or saved. I also downloaded Adobe Premiere Trial to see if I could capture there. I do not see Blackmagic in the settings like it shows in the Blackmagic setup manual. I do not see any exclamation marks in device manager so I believe the driver is installed correctly. Any help or thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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Re: Intensity Pro Installation

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Do make sure that you have an actual graphics card on the system and are not using on-board graphics. Usually, a x16 lane PCIe slot will be designated for a graphics card. We do recommend running Intensity on a system that has an actual graphics card from ATI or NVIDIA.

You must also make sure that the Panasonic camera is outputting a supported resolution and frame rate. If you are unsure what it is outputting, connect the HDMI output to a TV and click on the "Info" button on the remote which should display on the TV what the incoming resolution and frame rate is. Take note of this and then connect it back to the Intensity.

Go to start\control panel\blackmagic control panel and make sure that your Set Input is set to HDMI video and HDMI audio (if connected via HDMI). Make sure that Select Output Processing and Select Input Processing (for up/down conversion) are set to Off.

Then launch Media Express, go to Edit and then Preferences and set the Project Video Format to match what the Panasonic is outputting. If the Panasonic was showing at 1080i when connected to the TV, then set Media Express to match. 1080i 59.94 would be what you set it to in North America. 1080i 50 would be for Europe and Asia.
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