BMCC RAW workflow for a movie - PC or Mac?

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BMCC RAW workflow for a movie - PC or Mac?

PostThu Dec 27, 2012 11:04 pm

[size=150]We are shooting a film using two BMCCs. I have no preference on editing as I can edit in Avid, Premiere CS6, FCP7 or FCPX.
Currently I'm using a desktop PC at home with Adobe CS6 Master Collection.
It seems to me that you would want a fast laptop that can handle processing of the RAW footage on the road or on set. Then a really fast workhorse for actual editing and color processing.

From start to finish, and using which of the top software, what do you think is the best workflow, which computers, and graphics cards.

Adobe - has the CUDA issue with Mac been solved?
I love the idea of having a Mac laptop, but for a desktop I'm torn since I know I can build PCs that can be just as fast for a lot cheaper, though I'm more concerned with performance and ease of editing than with cost.

We are looking to get a few laptops and a couple desktops for the production.

All of your advice would be most helpful with details. In other words, "GO MAC!" or "GO PC!" is not enough tell me why and specifically with concern to a RAW workflow. Thanks

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