Decklink 8K connector mapping

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Decklink 8K connector mapping

PostTue May 21, 2019 8:12 pm

Having a heck of a time mapping connectors on the Decklink 8K card. Latest firmware that enables the 4 in/outs.

I'm trying to enable 2 outputs with key/fill. So using 4 connectors, but 2 channels on the card.

I can get it to work perfectly for one output with Desktop Video set too

Decklink 8k Pro (1) SDI 1&2 in, SDI 3&4 out.

That gives me key/fill on connectors 3 and 4, and sometimes I do believe inputs on 1/2 work. Although that's not what I'm after.

When I configure the card how I think it should be for 2 sets of outputs. I can only get it to work with audio echo, and clicking, and weird stuff. Almost like it's mixing up in/out except all the outputs are outputting video as expected.

Does anyone have any idea on how to configure the 8K pro to be effectively 2 outputs with 2 connectors each? Something like

Decklink 8k Pro (1) SDI 1&2 Out
Decklink 8K Pro (2) SDI 3&4 Out.

Which isn't an option.
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Re: Decklink 8K connector mapping

PostTue May 21, 2019 9:18 pm

Ah i'm glad i'm not the only one confused with the connector Mapping on the 8K pro. :lol:

It does not help that there is no visual indication on what connector is what number, Also no mentioning in the manual about what connector is which link..

I now sometimes open up Desktop Video Set all to SDI In and plug a 3G signal in.. And check the App which input shows some resolution. :|

But for outputs it's a bit more difficult as settings can be wrong, Software not enabled yet to output.. etc..
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Re: Decklink 8K connector mapping

PostThu May 23, 2019 1:39 am

If the DeckLink 8K card works like the DeckLink Duo 2, each of the connectors can be set to full duplex (two connectors for a subdevice) or half duplex (one connector for a subdevice).

DeckLink cards support two types of keying:
  • Internal which uses one SDI port as an input, overlays a key on the input video signal, sends it out over a second SDI port as an output.
  • External which outputs a fill signal on one SDI port and a key signal on a second SDI port.
Both types of keying require two SDI connectors which mean they require a full duplex subdevice on the DeckLink card. Usually this means configuring each subdevice to use two connectors, one each for in and out (full duplex mode).

When the software you are using to generate the key signal initializes the keyer on the DeckLink subdevice, it will configure the subdevice for either internal or external keying. For internal keying, this means the two connectors assigned to the subdevice will be one input (first connector), one output (second connector). For external keying, this means the two connectors assigned to the subdevice will be fill output (first connector), key output (second connector).

The key point to keep in mind is that when the keying software enables the DeckLink keyer (in either internal or external mode), it may change how the SDI connectors assigned to the subdevice are used, but it does not automatically change which connectors are assigned to the subdevice, or whether the subdevice is configured for full duplex mode. So you usually need to make sure that each DeckLink subdevice is configured to use two connectors (in full duplex mode) in the Desktop Video setup utility first.

I'm guessing that if you configure the DeckLink 8K Pro as:
Decklink 8k Pro (1) SDI 1&2 in, SDI 3&4 out
You end up with 1 full duplex sub-device, where the single subdevice uses two connectors each for input and output (mostly intended for dual link SDI applications).


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Re: Decklink 8K connector mapping

PostMon Jun 03, 2019 4:39 pm

yeah as mentioned BM software doesnt support the port mapping for individual in and out.. yet? only thing working seems to be the primary in and primary out aka 3rd and 4th port when using BM software... I havent tested the beta. If i remember right some software did add the support, but cant remember the name of it. So waiting for blackmagic to add the options the BM youtube video advertised for 8k pro into davinci etc.
that went somethinh like this...
any port can be used as in or out at the same time on the decklink 8k pro, aka 4 different streams in or out or any lesser setup.

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Re: Decklink 8K connector mapping

PostSun Sep 22, 2019 1:35 am

Just following up on this as I eventually hand a chance to test this on a DeckLink 8K Pro card. In order to get two channels of keying (with key and fill output) from the card, the following configuration that seems to do the trick:
  • DeckLink 8K Pro (1): SDI 1 In, SDI 2 Out
  • DeckLink 8K Pro (2): SDI 3 In, SDI 4 Out
  • DeckLink 8K Pro (3): None
  • DeckLink 8K Pro (4): None
This configures the card for 2 full-duplex sub-devices. When enabled for external keying, the first sub-device (SDI connectors 1 & 2) are used to output fill and key for channel 1. The second sub-device (SDI Connectors 3 & 4) are used to output fill and key for channel 2.

For me, the second connector in each pair had the fill output and the first connector had the key signal. So the connector output signals looked like this
  • SDI connector 1: Channel 1 key
  • SDI connector 2: Channel 1 fill
  • SDI connector 3: Channel 2 key
  • SDI connector 4: Channel 2 fill
The SDI connector closest to the Reference Input was SDI 1.


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Re: Decklink 8K connector mapping

PostTue Feb 11, 2020 8:54 pm

Hi, Is it possible to have more then 2 SDI out's?
I can get two going no problem but can't figure out a way to get SDI 3 and or 4 also send out a signal?


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Re: Decklink 8K connector mapping

PostThu Sep 24, 2020 8:11 pm

No dedicated manual, no explanation in the docs specific to this card, no diagram telling you which connector is which SDI, no way to default reset the Desktop Video Setup app, no tool-tips in the app to guide you, no youtube film to aide set-up, what a disaster of a product.

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