Worst Reseller Experience

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Worst Reseller Experience

PostSat Dec 19, 2020 4:35 pm

Just bought ATEM Mini Pro Iso from Thomann.de last month. As soon as I tested it, I noticed that the first channel button does not work properly - it got stuck sometimes and deactivated other channels.

I contacted Thomann about it and obviously, the said that I had to send it back. I asked them how long it would take (since I have upcoming events for a customer) and they said they would replace it as soon as it arrives back to Germany.

When it finally arrived there, I got no information about it at all. Within a week I had to inquire about it myself and this time they said it might take 6-7 weeks to get back at me.

I went berserk. This was nothing they promised. I have upcoming events coming up within two weeks and they did not take their own promise. When I faced them about this, their customer "service" said that I should've sent the deck in its package (that I trashed obviously). They cannot replace the deck itself, but they would need the package and DC too.

What a load of BS.
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Re: Worst Reseller Experience

PostThu Dec 24, 2020 8:29 pm

Actually Thomann is just following BMD rules. The full package including default accesiores need to be returned to BMD. Then BMD asses the product and will see if they fix it. OR return a new package product.

This is part of the BMD return policy!!

That Thomann offered you a unit to run in the meantime is hard to believe as that would seriously impact the warehouse.. And since this product is already hard to get at the moment.. Having a few out to loan is not something i would do as a dealer.. ;)

Anyway the best methode if you have gigs coming up is buy a new one. And sell the returned unit once it's back.. Or rent one for the periode of service..
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Re: Worst Reseller Experience

PostSat Jan 02, 2021 11:16 pm

MoonTVFI wrote:in its package (that I trashed obviously).

It's not so 'obvious' to me. I keep all the packaging for my gear in a closet - for just this reason. ;)
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Re: Worst Reseller Experience

PostSun Jan 03, 2021 12:18 am

Jim Simon wrote:
MoonTVFI wrote:in its package (that I trashed obviously).

It's not so 'obvious' to me. I keep all the packaging for my gear in a closet - for just this reason. ;)

ALWAYS keep the box and all paperwork for the duration of the warranty.!

OTOH 6-7 weeks is far too long. The initial abasement should be done by the disti and a loan unit provided this is quite common practice.
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